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NeuEnergy™ is Smart Energy

NeuEnergy is Smart Energy

Keeping on task during the day when life is crazy wild is tough for me. I am in full tilt boogie from the moment my feet hit the floor until late into the night. Coffee is always in my hand and I get teased badly that my friends wouldn’t recognize me without my mug in hand. I know that I am not the only one who needs an extra energy boost to get started or to ride the mid afternoon wave that hits us when there is still a lot to be done in our day.

I was recently introduced to a new healthier way to get energy – NeuEnergy™!

NeuEnergy is Smart Energy

Real Energy for Real Life, NeuEnergy is the smarter energy choice. NeuEnergy™ contains a combination of caffeine and Pterostilbene, the antioxidant from blueberries. This unique and healthy combination enables a clinically tested, longer sustained energy boost, mental clarity and focus than caffeine alone.

Easy to carry and convenient, NeuEnergy™ comes in a re-sealable package that contains 3 servings.  Two chewable tablets offer fast acting energy boost of 59 mg of caffeine. They are easy to take, chew or just allow to melt in your mouth as you take a moment to relax and energize. Because NeuEnergy™ is naturally flavored with simple, responsible ingredients, there are zero calories, zero sugar and zero crash!

NeuEnergy is Smart Energy

NeuEnergy™ tabs are available at your local Meijer Supermarkets,  or online through Amazon or  NeuEnergy.

To kick off the NeuEnergy™ line, they are hosting a super Instagram Selfie Contest. You can enter by posting a selfie on Instagram of you with the NeuEnergy™ Stick Container, mentioning @GetNeuEnergy and include the following hashtags: #GetNeuEnergy and #Contest. Super Easy!

The winners will be voted on by the public so make sure you submit your entries every time you enjoy the energy boost that I know you will come to appreciate and find to be just what you need for that afternoon slump.

There will be bi-weekly winners. They will have their chose between Prize Packs, which may include NeuEnergy™ products, Bose Headphones and Fit Bits, Grand prize winners will receive a trip Disney World or Cabo San Lucas. Hello?? Did you see the Grand Prizes available? Have you entered yet?

The Instagram contest will run from January 19 through March 16, 2016 and is only valid to U.S. & Canada residents (excluding Quebec).

contest details and rules

For more information, visit NeuEnergy. Also connect with them on Instagram and Instagram for the latest promotions and product announcements.

NeuEnergy™ could be that natural solution that helps you keep going and gives you that burst of energy you need throughout the day!

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