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Introducing NeuEnergy and An Exciting Instagram Contest

These days, I’m exhausted. I’m not sure if it’s the weather, stress or just the fact that I don’t sleep enough most nights; but by mid-day I’m so tired most days that I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone concentrate on work. Something’s got to give because my schedule is filling up quickly and I need the energy to get everything done. I started using NeuEnergy today and I’m hoping that it’s just the solution I’ve been looking for!


NeuEnergy is said to be a smarter energy choice and is powered by blueberries, with a combination of caffeine and Pterostilbene. This combination is unique and allows for a longer energy boost as well as mental clarity and focus that caffeine alone. It doesn’t contain any sugar or calories and it doesn’t make you crash, which is extremely important to me.

You can get NeuEnergy at Meijer (in Sports Nutrition section of the Pharmacy), Amazon and

NeuEnergy Instagram Contest

NeuEnergy is hosting an exciting Instagram contest and they’re handing out some pretty fantastic prizes, including NeuEnergy products, Bose Headphones, Fit Bits and so many other awesome prizes. Grand prizes include a trip Disney World or Cabo San Lucas. I for one, would love that Cabo San Lucas prize!!


Entering the Instagram contest is really easy. Simply snap a selfie with a NeuEnergy stick container and post it to Instagram, tagging @GetNeuEnergy and including the hashtags #GetNeuEnergy and #Contest. The public will vote for bi-weekly winners. It’s that easy!

The contest is open to U.S. & Canada (excluding Quebec) residents and runs from January 19 – March 16 of 2016. Click here to view full contest details and rules.

Like I mentioned, I just started taking NeuEnergy so once I can vouch for the results, I’ll be sharing a review of my personal experience. Stay tuned for more details soon!

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